AMAZING NEWS: 10-1-2017: The Dr. Seuss’ Green Toads and Spam Edition


From the Why We Can’t Have Things, Let Alone Nice Things, Department:  Sexbot Molested at Convention (Cons need to start re-writing their anti-harassment policies NOW!)

Respecting the Flag (Most don’t know how to)

Discrimination in the Comicbook World is Peaking

Discrimination in the Gaming World is Peaking

If you didn’t understand victim-blaming before, you should now

Air Force Academy Head:  If you aren’t outraged by [bigotry and hate] “get out”


Young Sheldon, more annoying than old Sheldon

deGrasse-Tyson Picks Apart Game of Thrones

October 1962 Amazing Stories Review

Swanwick & Dozois at NYRSFR

Multi-parter on the writing team of Pohl and Kornbluth

Harrison Ford says Questions Will NOT Be Answered in 2049

Highest Rated Netflix Movies (more genre than not)

Lynda Carter Tells James “I had to credit Ellison” Cameron to take his Sarah Connor and…

StarShipSofa Giveaway

More StarShipSofa


Librarian Rejects Donation of Dr. Seuss Books from Melania Trump (have we said “we love librarians!” recently?)

The “One” Problem With Discovery?  (Only one…?)

Astronaut Credits Trek

Discovery Inspires Record Sign Ups

Franz Rottensteiner on European SF

Scientist Writing Science Fiction

Sunburst Award Submissions Request


Japanese SF in Translation Humble-Bundle

Does CBS Have a Right to Make Money Off of Trek?  If you ask a Ferengi, we know what answer you will get.

Visual Pun:  4 ‘Groans’  (May Not Be SFW) (via Ruby Kapture)


Elon Musk Announces Hypertube to Mars for Electric Cars….(seriously, he’s just announcing plans for his new rocket)

Yes Another Hoverboard (via Bob Hires)

How to identify that light in the sky (downer:  most aren’t flying saucers)

Speaking of Lights in the Sky

Old Microbes May Be Oldest

A History of Mars Missions

US Cuban Embassy Evacuated Due to Mysterious Illness

Nerve Gas Island (via Paula Lieberman)

Where’s the Garden?  Octopus Cities

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  1. So wait, when Michelle Obama donates library books, that’s perfectly okay. But when Melania Trump does the same…it’s somehow bigoted? That’s seems a like a bit of a double standard, especially since it was just Dr. Seuss books.

    1. The story goes like this: Melania’s attempt to gift school libraries was clueless. The school in question is well budgeted and well stocked, the librarian refused because the money and books could have gone to a more needy school. (And that doesn’t even get into the issue of the appropriateness of the books chosen.)

      1. Appropriateness? Really? Because I’ve seen that librarian’s Twitter feed, she seems pretty okay with Dr. Seuss, given that she dressed up as the Cat in the Hat.

        1. dollars. her school is flush and can afford what they need…other schools could benefit more. When you do this kind of thing, you do RESEARCH before hand…

          1. It was 10 books dude. Pretty sure that wouldn’t help a poorer school all that much. The whole thing sounds more like virtue signaling more than anything.

          2. ten books…times how many other inappropriate choices? The selection was tone deaf, with echoes of “let them eat cake”. You don’t see it, fine. Obviously, enough other people did that it made the news. Disagree? Why not donate some books to a deserving school?

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