Apparently some of the things published on Amazing Stories of late has raised the ire of “someones”, who have chosen to flood Amazing Stories with spam user registrations (nearly 1200 in two days) as an effective way to register their displeasure with Amazing’s exercise of its right to free expression.

If you registered for membership with the site sometime between 2/22/15 and the present and HAVE NOT YET RESPONDED to your registration email confirmation, please DO SO WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS.

In 24 hours we will be purging the “pending” list of user registrations;  if you are a legitimate user (eg, not a spam registrant) and have not completed the registration process by responding to the confirmation email, your account will be purged and you will need to register again.

In order to avoid that repetitive task, please find and respond to your confirmation email (it will be from [Amazing Stories]).

No doubt the “honorable opposition” will –

A: claim “victory” (for what?  Well, something akin to the old playground ploy – “OMG!”  “What!?”  “Ha-ha, made you look!”) upon seeing this message

B: initiate another round of automated spam registrations – perhaps even increasing the volume

C: search for other ways to register their pain and suffering caused by having to confront issues and facts they are uncomfortable with.

So please, respond to those confirmation emails toot-suite so that we don’t inadvertently interfere with your reading pleasure.

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