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Edited by Amazing Stories contributor Gary Dalkin (a former judge of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and editor of Vector), Improbable Botany is a brand-new anthology of science fiction and fantasy about fantastical flora and wayward plants. The book contains stories by a roster of writers who have won countless genre awards between them: Ken MacLeod, Cherith Baldry, Eric Brown, Simon Morden, Adam Roberts, James Kennedy, Stephen Palmer, Justina LA Robson, Tricia Sullivan and Lisa Tuttle.

Below we preview the cover art by Jonathan Burton (Penguin Books, HarperCollins, The New York Times) and three of Burton’s six interior illustrations, those which accompany the stories by Ken MacLeod, Stephen Palmer and Lisa Tuttle.  

obable Botany cover by Jonathan Burton
Improbable Botany – front cover by Jonathan Burton

Improbable Botany will be published by Wayward, a London-based landscape, art and architecture practice – an award-winning collective of designers, artists and urban growers – through Kickstarter.

Backers, at all levels of this campaign, will receive an acknowledgement in the book and a free e-book in EPUB format. This will contain every story in the physical edition, but also Exclusive Kickstarter content – a collection of over 20,000 words of interviews with the book’s authors, conducted by editor Gary Dalkin. This is the only place all of the interviews will appear together. You can read the interviews with Eric Brown, Ken MacLeod and Tricia Sullivan now by clicking on the links in their names above.

Additionally, illustrator Jonathan Burton has graciously allowed Wayward to offer backers limited edition A2 art prints of his work at higher pledge levels in support of Improbable Botany.


Jonathan Burton's art for Ken MacLeod's 'The Bicycle-Frame Tree Plantation Manager’s Redundancy'
Jonathan Burton’s art for Ken MacLeod’s ‘The Bicycle-Frame Tree Plantation Manager’s Redundancy’


Jonathan Burton's art for Lisa Tuttle's 'Vegetable Love'
Jonathan Burton’s art for Lisa Tuttle’s ‘Vegetable Love’


Jonathan Burton's art for Stephen Palmer's 'You Bringers of Oxygen'
Jonathan Burton’s art for Stephen Palmer’s ‘You Bringers of Oxygen’


Jonathan Burton's art for the cover of Improbable Botany
Jonathan Burton’s art for the cover of Improbable Botany


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