AMAZING NEWS: 7/9/2017

SPECIAL NOTE:  Hugo Award Voting ends in less than a week from now.


Effective Protest Tactics

It’s Full of Stars

Hollywood Pay Grades….


Space Bears:  Read the comments, they’re hilarious and a nice encapsulation of many, many, many spontaneous fannish convversations

How Not to Play to Your Audience

Hardcore Book Collectors (via File 770) and Book Hoarders

Carpenter Goes to the Little Screen

Happy Belated

And Another (via FB’s Rocket Patrol)


Character Study:  One wonders how many future SF villians will be modelled on this (the closest pre-history I could recall are some of the politicians in Gilliland’s Rosinante trilogy…)

Give Robert Sawyer’s article a read

John Purcell Provides a WOOF Update (scroll down)


Life Discovered on Europa:  DNA Matches Mike Pence…

American boots on the face of Mars (Our Featured Image today depicts what we think Pence means…)

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