AMAZING NEWS 6-11-2017


Audience Member Intervenes When Physics Panel Moderator Talks All Over Female Physicist (gets major applause & apology)

Catch ‘Em Young and You’ve Got ’em for Life

Remaking Our Schools from the Top Down  (for comparison, George Carlin on Education)

No Men Were Castrated During the Women-Only Wonder Woman Screening

Don’t “families” have breasts too? MD Beach Center of Upper Torso Equality Controversy

Undercutting the Census Threatens US Business


Wonder Woman IS the Female Superhero We Need

Vacation Guide to the Solar System (I’d find another agency)

More Fascists in Space

Good Thing Wonder Woman II takes place in the US

Action Hero Plays with Action Hero Dolls

Firefly Reboot?

Gilliam’s Latest Wraps, after 17 Years

District 9 Sequel

Forgotten Books Reviews

Black Panther Teaser…& Poster

From Princess to Warrior Woman

Geography for Racists


HOW TO RESPOND to Batshit Crazy Criticism (via File 770)

New Releases Shadow Fray

History of Wonder Woman Teaser

Terrified of Fanfic (via Something Terrible)

SFWA Announces JW Campbell Memorial Award Finalists

Westercon 71 Moves Location

Stats on Being a $100k+ Author (via Jean Walker)


Nght Sky, Summer 2017

Jupiter Closeups

Contemplating Changes to Space Law

Ape Sanctuary Named for Caeser from Planet of Films

Apollo 11 Command Module Will Be Traveling Again

Martian Sink Holes

Cassini Photos of Saturn

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