Ted White Needs Some Help

Ted White, former editor of Amazing Stories (5-1969 to 2-1979) is in need of financial assistance to save his house.

Ted was one of Amazing Stories’ most successful editors and has received high praise for what he managed to do with the magazine under, shall we say, not the most ideal conditions.  Regardless of financial and other restrictions placed upon him at the time, he nevertheless managed to acquire and publish some significant and award-winning fiction during the decade in which he was at the helm.

Ted has fallen afoul of rising taxes and diminishing royalties and, since he is well past retirement age, his opportunities for earning are seriously impacted.

He has started a Go Fundme account that has already acquired a significant percentage of his goal.

Please help him out.  (I’ll be making a contribution in the name of Amazing Stories as soon as I can check the bank account.)

Go here to learn more.

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  1. One of the things that makes Ted beloved of many is that during his time at the helm of AMAZING and FANTASTIC, he went to a great deal of trouble to introduce the readers to the wonder which is science fiction fandom, from fanzines to clubs to conventions (real fan-run SF conventions, not commercial shows). You folks, with R.Graeme in the lead, are following in his footsteps.

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