Did you know that The Experimenter Publishing Company (Amazing Stories’ publisher and, incidentally, the original name Gernsback selected back in 1926) is already a publisher of fine books and magazines?


Well, we are.  Working in conjunction with our licensee – Futures Past Editions (a division of Digital Parchment Services, one of the original ebook publishers), we have been steadily producing a number of different publications.

These include – The Amazing Stories Best Of The Year anthologies –



Special “Anniversary” reprints –


Amazing Stories Classics novels –


and Authorized Replicas of individual issues of the magazine –


and coming real soon now –


These are all high-quality productions, lovingly edited by Jean Marie Stine and lovingly reviewed (for quality) by yours truly.  Hugo Gernsback would not be displeased.

But there’s a fly in the ointment: lots and lots of other people seem to think they can willy-nilly use the Amazing Stories name to produce their own versions of the same things.  Right now, the bulk of Experimenter’s budget is being spent on intellectual property attorneys.  We’re pleased with their findings so far (but these kinds of things take a lot of time), but in the meantime – if you purchase a facsimile edition of an Amazing Stories issue (or a poster reprinting one of its fantastic covers) from anyone other than Futures Past Editions or this website, not a dime will be going to help fund this project.  It will instead go to people who obviously do not respect the history of the magazine (or the law).

Internally, we’ve taken as many steps as we can:  far too much time is devoted to sending out DMCA & Cease & Desist notices (one such effort is even using our company name!), placing “Authorized Replica” on new publications and getting the word out as this editorial is doing.

We’re a bootstrap operation and can ill-afford these hits to our potential revenue streams.  The situation being what it is, we’ll never be able to find and stop all of the infringers, all of the time.  Which means we have to rely on our fans and customers to help us out.  If you are in the market for a repro edition of the magazine or a poster of one of the covers, please take a minute to verify that your purchase is of an authorized and licensed product.  You’ll be helping us and yourself at the same time – most of our editions are priced below that of our so-called competitors.  (Who didn’t pay to register trademarks; don’t send honorariums to the Frank R. Paul estate, aren’t in the business of protecting and preserving Amazing Stories’s heritage; all they did was purchase a CD and reproduce some images, or grab a public domain copy of an issue from and reproduce the contents (incidentally violating’s policies for use), and they sure as heck aren’t interested in seeing the magazine come back!)

We’re not letting any of that stop us either.  In addition to the Amazing Stories Annual replica, the following titles are in the pipeline:

The Best of Amazing Stories, The 1929 Anthology
The Best of Amazing Stories, The 1930 Anthology
The Nth Man by Homer Eon Flint (Amazing Stories Classics)
Black World by Raymond A. Palmer (Amazing Stories Classics)

and more.

You can find our posters here, and visit Futures Past Editions here.

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