AMAZING PEOPLE: Dave Creek Wins Imadjinn Award (plus one more)

Dave Creek awarded, Obama receives lame diss from lame website (that’s so lame its lame of us to report on their lameness)

a-crowd-of-stars-coverDave Creek, author, anthologist and Gernsback Writing Contest judge was presented with Imaginarium convention’s inaugural Imadjinn Award for Best Science Fiction Novel for A Crowd of Stars.

Dave’s website is here.

You can purchase A Crowd of Stars here.

Congrats!, Dave!

As reported by File 770 this morning, Wired Magazine gave President Obama a guest editorial slot for a list of “essential films and TV shows that will expand your mind”, all of the sci fi variety, of course.

You would think that for once we could let partisan politics go, accept the fact that the President of the United States is a nerd who enjoys many of the same things we do and celebrate the fact that science and science fiction has had a friend in the White House for the past eight years.  A President willing to admit he’s a fan of SF.  Publicly!

But, no.  Apparently, at least for IO9, it isn’t enough that the list consists of both classics and contemporary hits.  Read the lame excuse for coverage yourselves.

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