Anime roundup 9/1/2016: Love Is Real

Re-Zero-22 Re: ZERO -Starting Life In Another World- #22

For someone who famously can’t experience love, the Jealous Witch sure has a lot of affection to spread around if it’s going to a hundred cultists, plus an archbishop, plus at least four more archbishops and their subordinates, plus Subaru.

Thanks to Betelgeuse and his tendency to monologue, there’s now a clearer picture of the Witch’s Cult. With six archbishops, I’d guess they’re six of the seven deadly sins (probably leaving out gluttony, which the White Whale was said to represent). So there is definitely supposed to be an Archbishop of Pride, only whoever it is isn’t fulfilling their duties. Subaru is fully qualified — he’s extremely prideful, he’s favored by the Witch, and now he has a copy of their gospel…

Speaking of the gospel, Subaru takes it away from the original Betelgeuse, but then the copy or new body or whatever who attacks Subaru later is also missing their gospel. Was the book supposed to leap to the new body, or is there something weirder going on here?

Another mystery: Is Wilhelm able to sever the Unseen Hands because he’s just a terrific swordsman, or can he actually see them? And if the latter, does that mean he’s an ex-cultist? Maybe another discarded candidate for Pride?


Cute-High-8 Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! #8

The Beppu brothers continue their quest to become two of the least effective villains ever by turning a failed art student into an animated snowman who can’t apply himself to the task of finishing off the Battle Lovers very well.

Although there’s been hardly any fighting lately, this one-two punch at the holidays has been some of Cute High‘s strongest work ever. It’s getting plenty of mileage out of just letting everyone be their own ridiculous selves. But metaphorical storm clouds are on the horizon as the Beppus finally get frustrated enough to call out the Earth Defense Club directly. Will everyone manage to keep hating each other long enough to have a proper battle ever again, or are they going to discover peace through incompetence?

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Mob-Psycho-7 Mob Psycho 100 #7

Mob is brought to the scene by Teruki, who has had one hell of an attitude adjustment since his fight with Mob. Teruki was alerted by Dimple, who turns out to be much like Reigen in that there are times when he’s totally comfortable taking advantage of other people, but time when he recognizes that crap has gotten real and it’s time to be serious.

Claw, on the other hand, looks like the real deal for villainy. It’s also the first real challenge Mob has ever been up against, psychically. If he could get past those repressed feelings and channel his immense power properly, you get the feeling he could wipe the floor with them.

Hey, maybe that’ll happen! But personally, I think it’s more likely that someone will figure out how to carpet-bomb the Claw compound with the magic spray that knocked Mob out instead.


Orange-9 Orange #9

After two episodes of waffling, Kakeru and Naho have managed to come to an agreement to hold hands a second time, plus they have established that they are both aware of the concept of dating.

It’s nice that they have these little victories, but at this rate it’s worth considering that maybe these two people do not belong together. Naho’s timidity and Kakeru’s depression seem to just feed off each other sometimes. What Naho really needs is someone like Suwa to help her out of her shell, and what Kakeru really needs is therapy.

A happy side effect of everyone scheming to get them together, though, is Azusa and Hagita becoming closer, and they do seem compatible. So I hope it all works out for them.


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