AMAZING NEWS: 7/3/2016

Special Note:  As some may know, we’re experiencing an on-going medical “crises” here.  That may marginally affect things from time to time, such as the non-appearance of our editorial yesterday.  News is a bit truncated today as well.

However, we are still moving forward with our new Sunday feature – In Indie – a roundup of new indie releases in the SF, fantasy and horror fields.  Guidelines for submissions will be posted on the website in the relatively near future.


Religious Beliefs Can’t Trump Other Beliefs


Rockets with your cereal

The Big Sheep (in your dreams)


A Fan-Owned Entertainment Company

Another take on Axanar

Very Cool Image

NY Review of SF Readings 50th Anniversary


Juno Arrives at Jupiter on July 4th

9 Places to Stargaze

Stronger than a Saturn 5

4.5 Billion Year Old Asteroid Dust

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Christophe Arleston

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