Analyzing EPH
By Bruce Schneier: Jameson Quinn and I analyzed the E Pluribus Hugo (EPH) voting system, proposed as a replacement for the current Approval Voting system for the Hugo nominations ballot. (This is an academic paper; the Hugo administrators will be … Continue reading →

Asimov’s and Analog Awards
The winners of the 30th annual Asimov’s Reader’ Awards and the 2015 Analog AnLab Awards were announced at a function held during Nebula Conference weekend. Asimov’s Readers’ Awards Best Novella “Inhuman Garbage” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (3/15) Best Novelette “Lock … Continue reading →

The Sputnik Award
“Do you remember that crazy awards system I proposed, around the time of the first Puppies slate?” asks Jo Lindsay Walton. “OK, well this year I decided to make it real.” And the result is – The Sputnik Award. Look at … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 5/21/16 Pixel Shop of Scrollers
(1) TREKKIN’ WITH FILLION? Here’s some clickbait for you – “Rumor Mill: Nathan Fillion New Star Trek Captain?” asks SciFi Obsession. Many noticed how much weight Nathan lost for the final season of Castle. Now that it’s 8 year run … Continue reading →

Studios Dropping Copyright Lawsuit Against Axanar Filmmaker
Paramount and CBS will drop their lawsuit against Alec Peters, maker of the Axanar fan films, J.J. Abrams told an interviewer during an event promoting Star Trek: Beyond. A Paramount spokesperson confirmed the news in an email to Buzzfeed’s Adam Vary. … Continue reading →

2015 Ursa Major Awards
The results of the 2015 Ursa Major Awards were announced at a presentation ceremony at What The Fur 2016 in Montreal, Quebec on May 20, 2016. The award is presented annually for excellence in the furry arts. 1,157 people voted. … Continue reading →

Star Trek Beyond Trailer #2
Star Trek Beyond, in theaters July 22.… Continue reading →

Alan Young (1919-2016)
Radio, movie and TV actor Alan Young died May 19 at the age of 96. A popular and versatile comedian, he began his entertainment career on the radio at age 13, and had his own show at 17. Changing mediums, … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 5/20/16 Is That a Pixel In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad To Scroll Me?
(1) BBC RADIO 4 SF. BBC Radio 4 is presenting Dangerous Visions, a series of science fiction radio plays, both original and adaptations of classic works, beginning May 22. Adapted works include Aldous Huxley’s Brave New Worlds, Wyndham’s The Kraken … Continue reading →

Bradbury Roundup 451
(1) BIG READ AT CLIFTON’S. The graphical flourishes of the new Clifton’s Cafeteria website are worth a click. LA’s refurbished deco monument has a Bradbury-themed event slated this weekend — “Celebrate Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahhenheit 451’ at Clifton’s on Sunday”. On … Continue reading →

2016 Roswell Prize Shortlist
The finalists for the Roswell Award short story writing contest for adults will have their stories read aloud at Sci-Fest during an awards ceremony on Sunday, May 22, 2016. The finalists are: “Constant Change” by Diana M. “In the hammock … Continue reading →

2016 Tomorrow Prize Winner
High School Student, Matilda Berke wins Sci-Fest LA’s TOMORROW PRIZE & $1,000 Scholarship sponsored by @USBank! — Sci-Fest LA (@SciFestLA) May 19, 2016 The winner of Sci-Fest LA’s Tomorrow Prize for the best sci-fi story written by a Los … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 5/19/16 I Am Not In The Scroll Of Common Men
(1) DATA AND YAR AT TANAGRA. Seattle’s EMP Museum is opening Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds to the public on May 21. Tickets required. Plus, be among the first to visit Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds and get an up-close look at more … Continue reading →

Filer Review: Meditations on James Gunn’s Transcendental and Transgalactic
Transcendental (2013) and Transgalactic (2016), by James Gunn By JJ: One of my favorite types of stories is the galaxy-spanning, epic space opera with strong character development — and a good mystery pretty much seals the deal for me. So … Continue reading →

Author Profile: E. Lily Yu
By Carl Slaughter: E. Lily Yu burst on the scene in 2012 as winner of the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. That same year, she was nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards for best short story (“The … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 5/18/16 Griefer Madness
(1) GENRE RECAPITULATES ONTOLOGY. Damien Walter divides the audience into “The 8 Tribes of Sci-Fi”. Calling sci-fi a genre in 2016 is about as accurate as calling the United States one nation. In principle it’s true, but in practice things … Continue reading →

CBS First Look at Star Trek and MacGyver
Star Trek Television Logo and First Look Teaser Revealed MacGyver – First Look Trailer, CBS,… Continue reading →

Ghostbusters Official Trailer #2
Ghostbusters, in theaters July 15.… Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 5/17/16 There and Gernsback Again
(1) I WONDER WHAT THE KING IS DOING TONIGHT. Kameron Hurley observes that fame and fortune don’t go hand-in-hand: “Dancing for Dinner: Fame, Publishing, and Breakout Books”. In my own life, I find I have to remind people often that … Continue reading →

Hugo Voting Idea Toolkit
At my request, Stoic Cynic updated his outline of the ideas attached to various Hugo voting reform proposals. He calls it “trying to define the solution domain.” Guidelines: Any solution should, to the greatest extent possible, maintain the pre-slating character … Continue reading →

Three Possible Hugo Voting Alternatives
By Kevin Standlee: In light of the revelation that modeling of E Pluribus Hugo does not result in quite the “magic bullet” that some may have hoped for, we may need to consider other changes to the Hugo Award voting … Continue reading →

2016 Compton Crook Award
Updraft by Fran Wilde has won the Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s 2016 Compton Crook Award. The award is given by the members of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society for the best first novel in the genre published during the previous … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 5/16/16 Pixel McScrollface
(1) AGENT OF TERRA? Brad Templeton confesses, “I was investigated by the feds for taking a picture of the sun”. A week ago, a rather strange event took place. No, I’m not talking about just the Transit of Mercury in … Continue reading →

2016 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis
The winners of the 2016 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis have been announced. The juried award for the best short story and best novel written in the German language is sponsored by the SFCD, Germany´s largest science-fiction club. Each winner will receive €1000. … Continue reading →

Patrick Hemstreet and the Ideas Behind The God Wave
Introduction by Carl Slaughter: Dreams, premonitions, discernment, instinct. Call it the mystical realm, the subconscious realm, the psychic realm. We’ve all tapped into it, some of us often, usually involuntarily. But our western philosophy tells us to draw conclusions based … Continue reading →

Silverberg Health Update
Robert Silverberg reports that on May 9 he suffered a heart attack in Siena, Italy. He told Andrew Porter in an e-mail: Repairs performed, I am home now, and all seems well, though as of this morning it appears recovery … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 5/15/16 Think Baloo, Count Two
(1) TWO FIVES WORTH OF WISDOM. Cecilia Tan shares “Ten Things I Learned at SFWA Nebulas Weekend”. Here’s the outline, click through for details: We Clean Up Pretty Good Kickstarters Should Be Pretty At Patreon a Little Means a Lot … Continue reading →

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