Non-genre:  Georgia passes onerous voter restriction laws;  Fandom trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.

Revisiting a tragedy – The Twilight Zone Movie

Ron Miller art

Essay on the “godfather of Sci-Fi” A.C. Clarke

More Ron Miller art

DisCon III Reports Hugo Nomination Numbers

Chinese Officials Sanctioned by US over Uighur genocide

Paul Levinson blurbs Marshall McLuhan’s game The MediuM

DC’s Zatanna to be directed by Emerald Fennell

Shooting starts on some crazy sci fi thing – 45 years ago

William Shatner is digitizing himself

Black Gate revisits Keith Laumer

Scott Huggins wins Jim Baen Memorial Award Grand Prize

Where’d “Conjure Wife” come from?  A note from Fritz will tell you

A Heinlein seldom seen

Peter S. Beagle and team prevail in law against Connor Cochran

Hummingbird Salamander virtual book tour schedule

King Kong (1933) is the granddaddy of blockbusters

The Dark Crystal is now a stage show

Canvas in Space!  A piece of the Wright Brother’s plane flies to Mars

Illustrated VanderMeer

Star Wars Droid Torture Playset (See what happens when protocol droids just won’t shut up?)

Child separation – Chinese style

From The Marching Morons Department:  Study shows humans are getting dumber

Diversity Cartoon

Ingenuity are go!  NASA Unveils Mars helicopter flight path

Profile of David Gerrold

One (of many) takes on the Snyder Cut

Nadria Tucker on unceremonious dismissal

SF Commentary 105 now online


New Releases From Del Rey

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