AMAZING NEWS: 12/27/15


Ariele introduces Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep


Jury Trial (via Radish Reviews)

What should we think of a supreme court that asks questions like this?


Lucas on Star Wars:  The Force Awakens

What’s a ‘Nuclear Fizz’?

Flash Gordon or Joseph Campbell?  “George wanted to do Flash Gordon … he met with the people who owned it, and they didn’t take him at all seriously.” Francis Ford Coppola

Seasons Greetings from David A. Hardy

UK Aerospace Unveils a New Jet

Planet Stories Covers:  Lots of Heroines

Probably took a five year mission to build this (via Karen Davidson)

New Deadpool trailer (cue the music) (via Joe Zavorski)


TOR Closes for Unsolicited Submissions

Print Remains Strong

Casting Call for SW:VIII (with potential spoiler hidden deep in the paragraphs) (via Jeremy Lichtman)

Canadian-Jewish Comics


“Telephone each of the widows-to-be”:  Nixon’s speech in the event of a Moon landing failure

Leak Grounds Mars Mission

Space Walk Monday

Launch Watch Monday


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
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Ariele’s Newsletter: Happy Holidays!

Hanukkah is over and Christmas is here!

There are a lot of holidays surrounding the winter solstice, and while many people have been celebrating, I have been making the craft fair rounds! I have had an event every single weekend since November, and a few events in between! So I’d like to begin by saying “Welcome!” to all of my new newsletter subscribers. If you can’t remember where you met me, it was probably in Portland, at the SPCA, or some craft fair somewhere in between. I hope you’re enjoying your books!

I’ve had a great few weeks, and have really enjoyed meeting so many new people, as well as thoroughly introducing Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep to the world! I even sold out of Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Saves Christmas twice, The Clock Winked twice,Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Goes to the Beach, and The Lonely Whelk!

Some Exciting Stuff

Moving into 2016, I’ve got some exciting stuff planned! First of all, there are several new Rutherford books in the works. Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Makes Pancakes will likely be next, and then at some point along the way, Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Learns Spanish! I will also be dropping the e-book version of The Wounded World to $0.00 so that everyone can read it! Add that to updated covers for the Sagittan Chronicles with the next one in the series (The Trouble With Tangerines) scheduled for release this year, you can see I will be busy!


I’m also in the process of scheduling my events for the coming year. I’m excited to be doing a short book tour in Upstate NY in January. I’ll be visiting a couple of schools and the Rochester Beekeeping Club, and if you’d like me to come to your library or school, please contact me as soon as possible. I’ll be at several Comic Cons this year as well, and am looking at expanding outwards through Massachusetts and down towards Philadelphia.


It’s a bit late to order books for Christmas, but if you’d still like to get a copy of something, everything (except Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Goes to the Beach andThe Lonely Whelk) is for sale on my website and on Amazon. After all, Christmas might be coming to a close, but there are still plenty of birthdays coming up!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cat News

Wilfred has picked up a new habit of standing on his back legs and reaching up to pull small things off of tables, bookcases, and the sink. He keeps knocking my contact case in the sink, and a number of individual earrings have disappeared over the last few weeks. He also reaches up for the ornaments on the bottom of the Christmas tree, which is on top of a table.

Rowan’s most recent excitement was getting chased 30 feet up a tree by a stray Chow Chow. She had some difficulty getting down, but with a little bit of encouragement from a bowl of dry cat food (I know, weird–but it works) and some help from me + a stepladder, she made it.

I finally managed to put Goblin’s fur rug all the way through the wash. This, plus the abundance of ribbons in the house, has made her probably the happiest cat of all. She has spent the last couple of weeks lying on the rug and lickingChristmas bows.

Upcoming Events

I am behind on updating my calendar on my website, but the only event I’m doing that is available to the public this month is on January 6. It is Step-By-Step Self-Publishing at the Hill Library in Strafford, NH at 6 PM.

You can also find me in February at the Boskone Comic Con in Boston, MA. The event runs from 2/19 to 2/21.

If you would like me to come to your school, library, craft fair, or other event, please contact me by responding to this email or filling out the form on my website. I am always looking for new events and love meeting new people and going to new places! I am flexible on what I talk about, as well, and can work with you to line up with your curriculum, library programs, and more!

Find me on social media!

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