AMAZING NEWS: 11/29/15



N.K. Jemisin Novel on NY Times Top 100 of 2015 (The Fifth Season)

COSTCO Apologize for labeling Bible as Fiction.  (Well…..)

“Kissing Bug” Invades Florida


You can watch Episode 1 of The Expanse here

This is Pretty Cool (but I’d refer they’d spent their money on teaching wait staff how to wait….) (via Karen Davidson)

Meet the HYDRA Club & Meet Fred Pohl, an SF Renaissance Man

Don’t Know Which Superhero Will Be Greenlit Next?  Check out Marvel 101

It’s Not Batty to Film Bats Upside Down (via Karen Davidson)

Star Trek: Renegades (have din-din with Chekhov)


District of Wonders (StarShipSofa) Opening to Submissions Soon (You go Tony!)

KK Rusch on Writing to the Market

Story Vending Machine (From Hannah and Her Sisters: Frederick: “This is degrading. You don’t buy paintings to blend in with the sofa.” Dusty: “It’s not a sofa – it’s an ottoman!”)

…and in a somewhat related story:  SF authors do product placement

Watch Vonnegut Lecture  (asterisks not included)


Blue Origin Rocket Sticks the Landing

ALL of the Apollo Moon Landing Sites Have Now Been Mapped From Lunar Orbit (via Andrew LePage on Facebook)

Surveyor Digitizing Project

MORE Extra-Galactic Signals Detected

New Gene-Editing Technique May Help Cure Diseases

Walk-Man Isn’t a Cassette Player Anymore:  Now Its a Rescue Bot

I think Ants are cool, which is why This

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