Our first Gernsback Writing Contest closed with 77 entries.

The stories were distributed to our readers (10) in a randomly assigned fashion.  Following lots of reading, 18 of those 77 stories were selected by the readers to move on to the final judging phase.

Those who have not advanced have been informed via email;  we wish them the best of luck with their writing careers and urge each and every one of them to consider submitting to future contests.

Our 18 finalists are – in no particular order (well, alphabetized by title) (and with author name redacted because we’re still judging)

Tour d’Olympus
Quantum Love
The Mercurian Family
Swallow the Sky
Bob the Hipster Knight
The Mesmerist
Lost Phoenixes
Winter and Summer
Size of the Fight
Awake the Snorting Citizens With the Bell
You Say Goodbye
The Sounding Cataract
How Gaia and the Guardian Saved the World
Penny of Tharsis Montes
A Clean Start
Parental Guidance Recommended

Authors – please refrain from celebration until the judging has concluded.  And congratulations to you all for having moved on to the next stage!

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  1. and for those who are counting – I realize it was 7 days since I previously complained, but I’m being fair – Amazing Stories pulled my stories from submittable and sent me the email yesterday.

  2. So 6 days later you send out the email (referenced above) and pull (my stories at least) from submittable. I wonder how long it will take it for you to learn how to alphabetize the titles of stories? LOL

    Nothing like keeping things lively!

  3. congrats to the finalists! Good job!

    As someone who didn’t make it to this round, I do have to ask – who sent out the emails to those who didn’t advance? You might want to check on that because I didn’t get mine. I would also suggest you check on who alphabetized the list of titles – seems more than a bit off but what do I know, eh?

    One more thing – I’ve been published a few times but mostly not been chosen – that’s how it is for most of us I imagine. You win some you lose some. But always before my story was moved off the active list on submittable once a decision was made. This isn’t the way you want to stand out from the pack. Just saying.

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