Bugs Turns 75

bugs5Happy Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies to Bugs Bunny, who, if not for a twist of fate, might have been named “Happy”.  Regardless, that wascally wabbit has turned 75!

If you were anything like me growing up, Saturday morning cartoons were an absolute must on the weekend schedule.

It was quite the task keeping up with Chuck Jones and the rest of the WB crew, mostly because I’d been up till the wee hours of bugs2Friday night taking in the regional creature feature, midnight madness and chiller thriller shows.  Cartoons out my way started as early as 7 am on Saturday morning and if the midnight fare had gone with a double feature, I hadn’t fallen asleep any earlier than 4 am.

But it sure was worth it.  Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Thunderbirds, Bullwinkle, Fractured Fairy Tales, Marvel’s Superheroes and – Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck.  (Not to mention bugs1Atom Ant, Mighty Mouse, Underdog….)

Bugs Bunny is the perfect trickster.  He’s unflappable, imperturbable, cool as a cucumber and as snappy as a fresh carrot.

Over the years Bugs had numerous adventures – putting in a stint to raise War Bonds and ridiculing Hitler and Tojo, always outwitting Elmer Fudd and always putting one over on Daffy.

He’s no stranger to science fiction, fantasy and horror either, as these clips will attest:

Bugs’ first appearance in A Wild Hare.

Merrie Melodies – A Wild Hare (1940) by Cartoonzof2006

Hare-Way To The Stars

The Robot Rabbit (teaching us all about the dangers of advanced technology…)

Broom-Stick Bunny

Bewitched Bunny

Spaced Out Bunny

Super Rabbit (an homage to Superman)

Mad As A Mars Hare (“There is a growing tendency to think of man as a rational, thinking being. Which is ABsurd! There is simply no evidence of any intelligence on the Earth.” Marvin the Martian)

Hair-Raising Hare (Peter Lorre as a mad scientist)

Water, Water, Every Hare (Frankenstein’s robot, mummies, Rudolph and Karloff)

Hare-Devil Hare (“I’m alone! I’m alone on the Moon!”)

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