AMAZING THINGS: John Scalzi Signs Epic Deal with TOR

Late yesterday evening, John Scalzi, Hugo Award wining author of Old Man’s War, Lock In, The Android’s Dream and more, posted a short note on his blog that his readers “‘really really really want to click this link.’  Trust Me”, he wasn’t kidding.

The link connected to a New York Times article reporting the signing of a Scalzi-Tor deal for 3.4 million dollars.

Congratulations John Scalzi!

Congratulations Tor!

Over in the comments on Scalzi’s site, there are a few references to the ongoing puppy kerfuffle – not too many, but a few.  Most folks have chosen to focus entirely on the good news.

We’re not going to follow their lead.  But we will restrict ourselves to one thought:

those who argue that sales are the one true measure of the worthiness of an author’s work now have a problem…

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