Amazing Stories is soon to announce a new publishing initiative.  But before that can happen, several key positions need to be filled.  Primary among them – several experienced readers of science fiction, fantasy and horror are needed.

The project in question contemplates a monthly release schedule and a high volume of submissions.  The project’s goal is to uncover some of the finest unsung works from within those three genres.

Once live, the project will be open to submissions of works in both English and Spanish.

Amazing Stories is looking for individuals with a love for genre reading, an appreciation of high quality and a strong background in one or more of the three genres.

Readers will be responsible to the editor for recommending works for publication.

Those wishing to apply must be capable of and willing to read submissions in electronic format; should have some prior experience in the role of reader, preferably a background in literature, editing and/or strong writing credentials.

Straw polling of the project’s concept have drawn very positive responses.  Readers will have the opportunity to be in on the ground floor as we help shape the future of our favorite genres.

If you would like to apply, please fill out the form below:

Have you been a reader before?

Preferred genre?

Years reading?

Preferred language

We will contact and request additional information from those selected for this program.

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