Sasquan Here We Come!

sasquanSpeaking of Hugo Awards, and I do want to bring your attention to Steve Davidson’s post about nominee eligibility, I have to admit I was thrilled to discover that the awards will be presented in my home state. Yes Spokane Washington is the destination for World Con 2015, home of the Hugo Awards.

Because of that, my good friend and fellow author (and also a writer for Amazing Stories) Gwen Whiting will be going, and we will hopefully be participating. At the moment we are waiting for a booth. There’s a jurying process to go through. I’m hoping the event has room for my nine foot dragon oil painting.

I can imaging the colossal amount of work the organizers are going through. I don’t envy them but I’m thrilled that it will be taking place in Washington.

I have not been to Spokane except for when I and my family  traveled through on several occasions on our way to somewhere else. Maybe not Spokane itself, I know much of the terrain we encountered on our way could well have been used for the opening of the new Star Wars movie. Arid. Vacant. Hot. I live in Western Washington, on the wet side of the state. Sometimes we envy the sunshine eastern Washingtonians are enjoying. I imagine August next year will be sun glass weather.

There are mountains passes to cross to get to Spokane from where we live  and the trip takes about six hours total. A humble price to pay for such a thrilling experience. I remember last year reading about World Con in London and thinking I would give anything to go to a convention like that. And now look, it has come here to the US.

The networking is going to be amazing. The workshops and presentations will be a wealth of information. The art show, well I know I will be drooling over some of the art being shown there. And I hope to have something to enter into the film festival.

I guess the reason I’m writing this is to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. There are a lot of cons in the States. There are quite a few very large and informative conferences. I think World Con will rest among the most exciting experiences I hope to have in a Science Fiction & Fantasy convention. I hope to see you there!

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