Variant Post for Today’s Favorite V1N1 Magazine: Talk Like A SPACE Pirate Day!

In honor of “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, 2023, I bring you this cover from Astounding Science Fiction – which is, I think, the only depiction of a “Space Pirate” to have been featured by that magazine:

You can’t get much more “Piratey” than that.

Space Pirates have long been a well-worn trope in science fiction, perhaps mostly because of the maritime association with space.

Lost In Space featured a Space Pirate, complete with robot parrot –

A few years earlier, Fireball XL-5 featured space pirates who looked like pirates in an episode titled Space Pirates!

and, while they didn’t always look like traditional pirates, they also weren’t always referred to as pirates –

sometimes they were referred to as “Privateers” (and you’ll get a good explanation of the difference between Pirate and Privateer in both Space Mercenaries and Star Look), sometimes mercenaries or vikings.

But they have always been rogues –

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