TV Review: The Leftovers

Summer premieres…so much antici….

leftovers25-e1403801768216It’s the time for the summer premieres and with it can mean only one thing. New sci-fi dramas for us to enjoy! I’ve been really looking forward to The Leftovers, firstly because it’s HBO, and they rarely disappoint, secondly because the show has a great cast, including Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler, and thirdly because the show actually looks really good.

The Leftovers focuses on a town after random people (and pets) mysteriously disappear. The show is set three years after the disappearances and we learn that it seems to have happened across the world, not just in the town (this is shown via various famous faces that have supposedly gone missing).

The first episode is a bit of a slow burner, but there are enough, “what on earth” moments, along with twists and turns to keep you wanting more. I really did enjoy the first episode and really hope this is a show that is only going to get more and more exciting.

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