Precap: American Horror Story: Coven

Over its past two seasons, Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story has established itself as among the most interesting homes for horror on American television. The first season, retroactively subtitled “Murder House”, examined the bloody multi-decade history of a Los Angeles mansion. The season was replete with sex, horror, gimp suits, Dylan McDermott’s ass, and many more chilling sights. The second season, “Asylum”, demonstrated the series’ cool conceit: while the same actors may (and do) appear across seasons, each season tells a complete story and moves on to a new story and set of characters.

On Wednesday, Oct. 9, American Horror Story returns to TV with its third season, subtitled “Coven”. I’ve purposefully stayed away from learning too much about “Coven”—I always do this with things I’m interested in watching or reading; I prefer to come to the experience fresh and be surprised by twists and turns—but what I have learned is this: it takes place in modern-day, and 1830s, New Orleans and concerns a school that’s also a witches’ coven. Among others, it stars Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, Even Peters, and Sarah Paulson, the last three of whom all appeared in the previous seasons.

Perhaps the most visually striking aspect of AHS Season 1 was its ads, especially the ones focusing on a pregnant Connie Britton in a Lynchian red room with a ceiling-crawling gimp. The tradition of surreal and striking ads has continued with “Coven”. The 9 teaser trailers that have been released to date capture everything that is disturbing, sexy, and exciting about the series. Check out all 9 teasers embedded below.

I’m looking forward to writing about American Horror Story: Coven this season. Look for my recaps every Thursday, the day after the new episode premieres on FX, starting Oct. 10.

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