Game of Thrones, Another Season Ends

Can regular season ending shockers continue to shock? Maybe, and maybe not.

Tyrion LannisterGame of Thrones season 4 reached its peak this week and whilst it made it into the top three WTF moments on Mashable’s list it didn’t leave me jumping out of my seat thinking “what the hell?!”. Firstly, because it is number three behind the Red Wedding and Ned Stark’s death. Secondly, because I stupidly read the book.

I was so shocked by the Red Wedding episode (and I’m sure I’ve said this before) but I wasn’t ready to be shocked like that again. But that has left me this season knowing what is coming in each episode, and feeling it isn’t as good as the read.

I’ve now realised I love the shock, and whilst reading a book and being shocked, being made to cry, excited, or scared is amazing – I prefer that experience to be on the screen. So, until the end of season 5, when I’m sure I’ll be switching the other way, I will be waiting for the show to hit me where it hurts…which is something that Tyrion’s on screen character failed to do when he killed his father Tywin this week. In the book, the arrow lands in Tywin’s groin – the perfect revenge for a father that locked up his son, put him on trial and then slept with his lover.

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