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Tribble Toys.  The world’s number one website for quadrotriticale munching furrballs, organic Klingon detectors and the favorite exemplar of reproductive efficiency for sex labs galaxy wide – TRIBBLES!

David Gerrold’s re-casting of Robert Heinlein’s flat cats (The Rolling Stones) (with permission, btw), could not be more aptly represented by anything other than a website offering them for sale!

In The Rolling Stones, the ‘terrible twins’, Castor and Pollux Stone, (genius engineers and trouble-making teenagers) are always looking for a way to cash in.  While visiting a space borne colony of asteroid miners, they discover the Flat Cats, Martian creatures that are furry, soft, cuddly and that love to be cuddled, emitting a most satisfying ‘purr’ during the process.  The boys think they’ve hit the mother lode, but have another think coming, since –

They also reproduce like hell’s own spawn.

Heinlein granted permission to Star Trek to use the idea during clearance, and Star Trek was free to unleash what would become the original series’ most favorite and revered episode – The Trouble With Tribbles..(So favorite in fact that the animated series, the Next Generation series and the DS-9 series would pay homage to that episode.)

Tribble Toys sells Tribbles, and it’s not above having some fun with the concept, as evidenced by their promotional webisode Tribble-Truckin to Comic-con

Naturally, you can purchase Tribbles (just don’t feed them!)

featured tribbles

(don’t eat the green ones!)

as well as a variety of other Tribble-related products (Tribble poop anyone?) including Star Trek themed teddy bears, Tribble Trouble animation cells and even Tribble Predators glommer


There’s also a whole section devoted to otherwise unavailable David Gerrold novels (he cleared out his closet) as well as signed copies of various show scripts, from Star Trek to Land of the Lost.


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