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An update on the latest developments at the Experimenter Publishing Company

I’ve got multiple editorials on the hook but none of them have cooked enough and some of them have, in the space of a week, or even just a couple of days, been over-taken by recent events.

Which means I’ve got nothing for today.

Instead, I’ll devote a few paragraphs to teasing you all with a few things on Amazing Stories near-term horizon.

Probably the best news of all is that we’re going to be making the jump into publishing fiction sometime in the next couple of weeks or so.

We’ll be starting with reprints – giving them a new illustration or two, perhaps surrounding them with some critique or analysis as a way to liven them up a bit and continue to reinforce the historical continuum that is the genre.

Those classic reprints are part of a larger program that will see Amazing Stories also beginning the publication of e-books.  A formal announcement and press release on the preceding should be coming out very soon.

We are also at the very very initial stages of putting together an original themed anthology that will be soliciting new stories, accepting submissions and will have a crowd-funding component.  and one that we hope will develop a strong, positive theme.  It’s exciting, not least of all because we’ll be introducing a bit of a twist with the editorial process.  Announcements on this project will also be made in the relatively near future.

We also started a new feature yesterday – Featured Artist.  Art Director Duncan Long is interviewing and showcasing art from selected artists – starting of course with our own in-house talent (looking forward to Duncan interviewing himself…).  Our plan is to increase this feature’s frequency once we figure out the best way to handle it and perhaps even add a poll of some kind.

I’ve also been thinking of introducing a similar feature for authors.  I’m thinking that I’d like to see an “ask the author” kind of thing: start out the week with a profile, a selected bibliography (with links) and take questions in the comments. Then at the end of the week, our guest answers those questions (or at least those she or he chooses to address).  There are some potential issues there that need to be worked  out – nothing worse than a feature like that where no one asks a question….but I would be interested in hearing from potential guests – both traditional, indie and hybrid.

Troy Boyle informs me that principal drawing on A Doctor For the Enterprise has been completed and that the entire book is nearing completion.  The comic, written by David Gerrold, is a comedic mash up of Star Trek and Dr. Who that ends with a bang when it draws in yet another fictional universe.  This comic will be published as a signed and numbered limited edition work.  If you want to get on the early contact list and reserve a copy (no obligation to you). email TheDoctor@amazingstoriesmag.com.

Judith K. Dial, fan, bookseller and editor, has taken on the job of selling advertising space for us.  Rates can be found under the Info tab at the top of the screen (INFO->ADVERTISING)  and queries sent to advertising@amazingstoriesmag.com will reach her.

You’all probably have noticed that the site itself has changed a bit – hope you like it – and we have some more changes coming.

Finally:  Please remember that despite all of our differences we all do still share something in common – our love for this stuff we call science fiction, fantasy and horror.  I sure hope that the expression “love conquers all” turns out to be true.

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  1. Steve – seems like a lot of meaty info for a week where you have “nothing for today” Can’t wait for the week when you have news!

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