Friday Fanzine: Ecdysis No. 2 from Jonathan Crowe

I have to admit that I don’t know much about Jonathan Crowe (editor, articles) and his contributors for issue 2 – Jennifer Seely (art) and Tamara Vardomskaya (articles, poetry), but I do know an interesting, well-laid-out and thoughtful ‘zine when I see one and Ecdysis No. 2 is all of that and more.

There are some deep thoughts presented here and some excellent artwork, balanced by a light touch with the layout and a style of presentation that make this ‘zine a breeze to read through.

Of particular note is Tamara’s take on the stories collected in The Science Fiction Hall Of Fame from the perspective of a graduate student who was born well after the anthology was published, let alone the stories themselves.  It’s an eye opener and a well-balanced take.  (Tamara herself would appreciate your taking a look at her poetry as well.)

Jonathan gets into an interesting discussion via the LOCs on the place of fanzines in a blog-dominated world and Jennifer’s art – purportedly the excuse for publishing this ‘zine, are fine examples of the fannish tradition.

No 2. seems, for the most part, centered on dinosaurs, complete with a discussion of the Bone Wars, an interesting period in paleontological history.

Ecdysis No. 2 is a fine example of fanzines being published for publishing’s sake and makes for some excellent reading.

(Ecdysis No. 2 can be downloaded from in both PDF and iBooks format.)


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