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KKK Lazers Defend Earth…Astronaut Almost Drowns In Spacesuit…Which of these stories is not true?

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Flying W Press Releases First Paperback: Vampire Siege At Rio Muerto – Also – Rio Muerto Nominated for Best Novel New Pulp Awards
Phoenix Pic Mid-Month Book Deals
Night Shade Books Super Savings
Lightspeed Magazine


LonCon 3: Division Heads Resign, Hugo Awards MC Withdraws
I Don’t See Color (Jim C. Hines has been publishing a series of guest posts on diversity.  Well worth the look.)
Notable Women of SF
When Demonstrating That A Gun Is ‘Safe’, It’s Best Not To Use Your Own Head As A Target
LeckiePhoto-160x240The Bulletin, SFWA Mag, Goes To Press Again


TangentOnline OTR:  The Doll
Kickstarter For Comic Book History Project
Starlog Magazine Archived
Laser Klan:  Colbert Cartoon Sendup With Alien Invasion & Lasers! (video)
Rod Serling, Behind the Scenes (via File 770)


Help Name StarShipSofa’s New Podcast
Bhob Stewart 1927-2014
Godzilla_18The Giant, Scaly, Green, Nuclear Fallout Enhanced One Walks Among Us
Free EBook:  Sixty Black Women In Horror Writing
Repent Harlequin Optioned By Babylon 5 Guy


Nebula Nominees
The Campbell Conference
HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners Announced
40th Annual Saturn Award Nominations
Ginjer Buchanan, Longtime Ace Editor, Announces Retirement
You Have A Book Coming Out?  I Had No Idea… (via File 770)


Dale Gardner, Shuttle Astronaut, Dead At 65
Asteroid Impact On Moon Caught On Video
“Billions and Billions…” Kepler Finds Over 700 New Exoplanets
Bubbly Drowning Sounds Are NOT Supposed To Come From Inside Space Helmets
exosuitSpeed Reading App Might Really Work
Deep Diving ExoSuit
More Signs Of Life On Mars


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26th of February 2014





Sized CoverFlying W Press Launches First Paperback

March 1–Flying W Press announces the release of the paperback edition of Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto. The novel that’s been called “an instant classic,” and described as “a western/horror mashup that could shoulder up to Stephen King and Louis Lamour with equal comfort,” is now available in paperback.

Released in October 2013 as a Kindle e-book, Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto has been consistently among the 100 Amazon Kindle best sellers in the horror/western category. The story of bounty hunter Mordecai Slate’s trek through the New Mexican desert known as the Journey of Death has drawn five star reviews and many readers. The book recounts Slate’s attempt to bring a vampire in alive so that a grieving father can seek revenge for the horror inflicted on his daughter. Many readers of the Kindle version said they wanted the book in paperback, and now here it is

Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto is the first trade press paperback from Flying W Press—234 pages full of action, horror and suspense.

Hunting monsters is his business. A New Mexican ranchero hires Mordecai Slate to track down the vampire who ravished his daughter. Don Pedro Sanchez wants Kord Manion brought back alive, so he can drive in the stake himself. Slate finds his prey in Las Cruces, and comes up with an unusual way to transport him back north. Kord’s brother, Dax, and his gang of vampire outlaws follow half a day behind. During the chase, Slate rescues a girl and has to get her out of harm’s way. Their journey leads to a desert ghost town, Rio Muerto, where Slate will face his greatest challenge in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

In his review author James Reasoner said: “There’s been a surge in popularity for horror/westerns in recent years, and author John Whalen has come up with a good one.

Amazing Stories Magazine said it has “all the action of the Blade movies” and the author “knows his western stuff and his settings” giving it “an air of . . . plausibility.”

Joshua Reynolds, author of The White Chapel Demon, said it has “more twists and turns than a Sergio Leone movie.”

Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto is available from for $14.99.

Watch for more information from Flying W Press.


Behold! It’s the latest and greatest newsletter from Lightspeed Magazine!
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The March 2014 Issue is Now on Sale!

Welcome to issue forty-six of Lightspeed!

We have original science fiction by Sofia Samatar (“How to Get Back to the Forest”) and Chen Qiufan (“The Mao Ghost,” translated by Ken Liu), along with an SF reprint by Jo Walton (“Turnover”) and the aforementioned story by Charlie Jane Anders (“Break! Break! Break!”).

Plus, we have original fantasy by Kat Howard (“A Different Fate”) and Matthew Hughes (“Phalloon the Illimitable”), and fantasy reprints by Robert Jackson Bennett (“A Drink for Teddy Ford”) and Eileen Gunn & Michael Swanwick (“The Armies of Elfland”).

All that, and of course we also have our usual assortment of author and artist spotlights, along with a pair of feature interviews.

For our ebook readers, we also have the novella reprint “The Lucky Strike” by Kim Stanley Robinson and novel excerpts from Sand by Hugh Howey and The Milkman by Michael J. Martineck.

Our issue this month is sponsored by our friends at EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. This month, look for The Milkman by Michael J. Martineck (of which you can also read an excerpt in our ebook edition this month). You can find more from EDGE at

Can’t wait to get your hands on a copy? You can purchase the issue from the following ebookstores: Lightspeed (direct), Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and Weightless Books. Visit our Ebooks page for links and more information.

Women DESTROYED Science Fiction!

As you know from our newsletter, editorials, and (incessant?) social media posting, we ran a very successful Kickstarter in January-February to fund the publication of our Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue, which will be guest-edited by Lightspeed’s own Christie Yant. We asked for $5000, and we got $53,136 in return, which was 1062% of our funding goal. Wow! As a result of all that sweet success, we announced—and met—some rather excellent stretch goals: Once we surpassed $25K of funding, that unlocked a Women Destroy Horror! special issue of our sister-magazine, Nightmare (guest edited by Ellen Datlow!), and once we passed $35K, that unlocked a Women Destroy Fantasy! special issue of our other sister-mag,Fantasy (guest-edited by Cat Rambo!). Look for the Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue this June, and then you can expect the Women Destroy Horror! and Women Destroy Fantasy! issues in October.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter: Never fear. All of the special issues (including the print editions) will be available for pre-order soon. Watch this space!


Women Destroy Science Fiction Newsletter

Speaking of the Women Destroy Science Fiction! campaign, for a while there we had our WDSF newsletter as a separate entity. Since almost everyone who signed up for the newsletter also backed the Kickstarter (we assume!), we figured it didn’t make sense to send out project updates via Kickstarter and then also send that same information via a newsletter. So we merged our WDSF newsletter list into our main Lightspeed newsletter list. We hope you don’t mind! If you don’t want to continue to receive the newsletter, though, please just use the unsubscribe link at the end of the newsletter email.

Lightspeed Got FOUR Nebula Award Nominations!

Awards season is officially upon us, with the first of the major awards announcing their lists of finalists for last year’s work. Neither Lightspeed nor Nightmare got any love from the Bram Stoker Awards (alas), but we’re delighted to announce that the Nebula Awards, on the other hand, seem to be absolutely infatuated with us: Lightspeed has four Nebula finalists this year! (That brings Lightspeed’s lifetime Nebula nomination total to eleven since we launched in June 2010.) Our nominees for this year are: “Paranormal Romance” by Christopher Barzak, “The Litigation Master and the Monkey King” by Ken Liu, “The Sounds of Old Earth” by Matthew Kressel, and “Alive, Alive Oh” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley. For a complete list of the finalists, If you missed reading our Nebula finalists, you can find them all at


In other news, my new anthology—The End is Nigh—is on sale now. It’s the first volume of what I’m calling The Apocalypse Triptych—a series of three anthologies looking at three different modes of apocalyptic fiction: before the apocalypse, during the apocalypse, and after the apocalypse. I’m editing—and publishing—all three volumes of the Triptych in collaboration with bestselling author Hugh Howey. All of the books will be available in both ebook and print formats, and The End is Nigh is available now. Visit your favorite book retailer for more information. Meanwhile, you’ll find a sneak peek of The End is Nigh right here in this very issue: Charlie Jane Anders’s story “Break! Break! Break!” Enjoy!

JJA Will Curate New Best-of-the-Year Anthology Series

And in a case of maybe saving the best for last and/or burying the lede: I’m delighted to announce that I have agreed to serve as the series editor of Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy, a new entry in the prestigious Best American series published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Our inaugural guest editor will be bestselling author and all-around swell guy Joe Hill. The first volume will be published in October 2015, collecting the best of 2014. To learn more about the series, including information about how you can recommend stories for consideration, visit

Newsletter Pandemonium!

If you’re reading this, then chances are you already subscribe to the Lightspeed newsletter. Thanks! But did you know that we also have a couple of other newsletters you can subscribe to?

For instance:

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Just a reminder that our Lightspeed Direct ebookstore is open for business. If you’d like to purchase an ebook issue, or if you’d like to subscribe directly from us, please All purchases from the Lightspeed store are provided in both epub and mobi format, and now we’re also offering all of our issues in PDF format as well.

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Fantasy Magazine Back Issue Bundles

In addition to the Lightspeed bundles mentioned above, you can now also buy ebook back issues—and ebook back issue bundles—of Lightspeed’s (now dormant) sister magazine,Fantasy. (You might remember that we merged Fantasy into Lightspeed back in January 2012.)

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Have You Tried Our Sister-Magazine, Nightmare, Yet?

Have you checked out our sister-magazine Nightmare yet? Because of the ubiquity of gory horror movies, when a lot of people think of the horror genre in literature, they imagine it deals with that same kind of gory slasher-type stories we typically see in film, full of blood and guts and generally a lot of awfulness. But literary horror is rarely like that, and the fiction in Nightmarebasically never is. The fiction in Nightmare tends toward “quiet horror”: that is, the stories are literary and dark—at times visceral, and at times unsettling. In other words, not overly dissimilar from the stories you’d find in Lightspeed—just more toward the darker end of the literary spectrum.

Pop on over to to check out the magazine, purchase issues or subscribe, or just for more information and updates (or to subscribe to the free Nightmarenewsletter).

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Sponsor Spotlight: EDGE

Lightspeed‘s sponsor this month is EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.

This month, look for The Milkman by Michael J. Martineck (of which you can also read an excerpt in our ebook edition this month). You can find more from EDGE at

For more information about Lightspeed‘s sponsorship program, visit our advertising page.

Keeping Current

Remember, in addition to this newsletter, there are several ways you can sign up to be notified of new Lightspeed content:

Looking Forward: Issue 46

Coming up in April, in Lightspeed . . .We have original science fiction by Linda Nagata (“Codename: Delphi”) and Shaenon K. Garrity (“Francisca Montoya’s Almanac of Things That Can Kill You”), along with SF reprints by Scott Sigler (“Complex God,” which also appears in the new anthology Robot Uprisings) and Ted Chiang (“Exhalation”).

Plus, we have original fantasy by Carmen Maria Machado (“Observations About Eggs from the Man Sitting Next to Me on a Flight from Chicago, Illinois to Cedar Rapids, Iowa”) and Thomas Olde Heuvelt (“The Day the World Turned Upside Down”), and fantasy reprints by K. J. Bishop (“Alsiso”) and C. J. Cherryh (“The Only Death in the City”).

All that, and of course we also have our usual assortment of author and artist spotlights, along with a pair of feature interviews.

For our ebook readers, we also have “Shiva in Shadow” by Nancy Kress as our novella reprint and a pair of novel excerpts.

It’s another great issue, so be sure to check it out.

Looking ahead beyond next month, we’ve got a veritable plethora of stories forthcoming. We’ve got work from the following authors coming up over the next couple of issues: Sarah Pinsker, Seth Dickinson, Sandra McDonald, Fred Van Lente, Matthew Hughes, Steve Hockensmith, Adam-Troy Castro, Maria Dahvana Headley, Seanan McGuire, Daniel José Older, and Theodora Goss.

So be sure to keep an eye out for all that SFnal goodness in the months to come. And while you’re at it, tell a friend about Lightspeed!

Thanks for Reading!

We couldn’t publish the magazine without the loyal support of readers like you. So we here atLightspeed salute you, and would like to thank you for your continued patronage.

Well, that’s about it for this installment of the newsletter. Thanks again for reading. Meanwhile, for more, visit See you next month!

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