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As just about everyone must be aware, the 2014 Awards Season is upon us.

Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of books, television shows, films and more are considered for come of genre’s most prestigious awards.

And every year, many more thousands of eligible works go unnoticed simply because they did not receive wide enough recognition during the nominating period.

Numerous guiding lights of our industry have sought to rectify this situation by opening up their sites for the promotion of eligible works and promoting the awards far and wide.

For Your Consideration is Amazing Stories’ own modest attempt at giving creators just one more venue for sharing their works.

Before we introduce you to the possible nominees – here are some places you can find additional information about the various awards offered within the genre community:

SF Awards Watch (has links to most awards, nominating process, eligibility requirements, etc

Locus (SF Awards Database – includes links to governing bodies and history of awards)

The Hugo Awards (one of the primary, non-juried awards currently conducting nomination)

And now, please take a moment to check out and consider the works offered below by those brave enough to hang themselves out in public for your consideration:

Erin Lale offers up her non-fiction article The Politics of Story Structure, published in Perihelion Science Fiction


Hunter Liguore’s Campbell-qualifying work:
Area 54 in Strange Horizons, April 2012. To read a review in Tangent Magazine, click here. “Area 54” tells the story of a young girl, led by her father, into believing her mother was abducted by aliens.


Douglas Smith’s Novel The Wolf At the End Of the World is eligible for the Hugo Award.  Information and discounts offered during awards season are available

THE WOLF AT THE END OF THE WORLD.  Full information on the book, including buying links here:
Discount coupons for both the print and ebook editions that AS readers can take advantage of when they order from my online bookstore at
  • Use “WOLF-15P” to receive 15% off your order of the autographed print edition.
  • Use “WOLF-25E” to receive 25% off your order of the ebook (all formats).
  • Use “WOLF-PE” to receive the ebook edition (all formats) for free when you buy the autographed print edition


Every contributor to Amazing Stories is eligible for at least the Best Fan Writer Award for their contributions here (some, as you can see from the above, are also eligible for other awards) and, Amazing Stories itself is now eligible for the Best Fanzine Award category.

Please participate in these awards if you are able – and please make your nominations wisely.


If you would like your awards eligible work to be listed here, email to For Your Consideration here at Amazing Stories

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