New Site Feature – the Amazing World!

It truly is an Amazing World! Check out this new Google Earth site feature.

We’ve added a nifty Google Earth feature to the website today – the AMAZING World.

An image of the Earth now displays the (general) physical location of all of your Amazing Stories contributors – and we’re using propeller beanies as our map icons. (The Propeller Beanie is a universal icon of fandom….)

Included below are some static images of the four corners of the Earth. You’ll note (with some astonishment we are sure) that there’s not an untouched continent to be found. Truly, the sun never sets on your Amazing Stories contributors!

As time goes by we’re hoping to be able to add our Subscribers and Members locations to the map (a quick check of available geographic data suggests that very few countries will remain untouched when we finish that little project…). And yes, we’ll use Propeller Beanies (different colors) for those too.

Check it out. Give the world a spin. When you do, you’ll realize just what a truly AMAZING world it is!

(The map page can be found here.  The globe image may take a couple of seconds to load. The globe is also accessible under the STAFF tab on the top menu. )

north america

south america



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