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Makers.  Hackers. Kids that like to find out how that alarm clock works…what’s really inside the television set?  Do those weird things people put videos on Youtube about really work?

The Maker movement – allied with the hacking movement – is made up of people from all over the globe who ask basic questions like “how does it…?” and “do you think we can…?”

But they don’t stop with the questions.  Like good motivated fans everywhere, asking the question is a call to action.

Assisting with those calls to action are unique emblems of the 21st century – Hacker Spaces – (Cory Doctorow extols their virtues numerous times in his Homeland novel).  These are usually warehouse spaces outfitted with machinery and experts (and folks learning to become experts) that are shared among the community.  By paying a small (usually very reasonable fee), members gain access to the hardware AND, perhaps more importantly, they gain access to individuals with expertise in various fields AND a community that believes in shared effort along with a resounding rejection of the phrase “but you can’t…”.

Hacker Spaces .org is a website that has gathered together the locations and projects from Hacker spaces and groups from all across the globe.  The site makes it very easy to find a local space and put you in touch with the folks who nominally run it.  The database of hacker projects will open your eyes wide at the sheer breadth and audacity of these “do it yourself” folks,

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