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When those who are critical of science fiction’s predictive powers – or seeming lack thereof – are searching for a pithy sentence with which to punctuate their position, they often resort to an annoying little phrase:

Where’s My Flying Car, Dude!?

Well then – HERE’s your frickin Flying Car you doubters!

flying car

It’s the Maverick Flying Car and you can almost buy one today. Click the image for videos and details.

A word of caution to doubters:  there’s a lot more going on than you might be aware of.  Before you cast doubts, do a little research.  You might find that Chicken Little is a lot closer than you think!

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  1. You know, I was thinking about writing an article about flying cars just a week or so ago. You'd be amazed at all the various images there are flying around the internet.

    Personally, I used to worry about the ATC folks trying to keep up with the traffic patterns, but now I realize that there's a VAST conspiracy to keep us out of the skies.

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