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powersJane Frank, our resident expert on all things art fantastic, will be attending and displaying at this year’s Worldcon – LoneStarCon 3 – in San Antonio.

Jane usually displays art by the iconic Richard Powers at Worldcon art shows, but this year, due to shipping and space restrictions, she’s decided to put Richard’s work up on EBay.

From one of the auctions:

I have been attending the World Science Fiction Convention (the “Worldcon”) for years, and for years – have been exhibiting and selling Richard Powers art there – among several other artists.  This year I will again be attending the SF Worldcon (San Antonio, TX, over Labor Day weekend) but for the first time in more than a decade, it’s not going to be feasible for me to ship and show his work there.  Some of his paintings are very large, some are truly fine art abstracts, some are not specifically SF illustrations or subject matter.  But, I still want to make sure his art gets the attention it has always gotten around this time of the year – so instead  – I’ve decided to give him a sort of “showcase” of his own…..via eBay!  Thanks to the marvel of eBay, I can show every single piece I have in inventory over the next two weeks. . . at the kind of minimum bids and ‘buy it now’ (direct sale) prices –  I offer at conventions, which operate via silent auction bids.  Some have never been offered this way before.  The best news?  You don’t have to worry about how to get them home! 

You can see (and purchase) numerous Richard Powers works here. You can read Jane’s weekly column on fantastic art and art collecting tomorrow right here on Amazing Stories

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