True Blood is Back With a Bite

True Blood has finally returned to TV and boy has it come back with a bang. It’s already two episodes in and so much has happened already. Bill is not himself, whatever his is (not God apparently) he can see the future, and the future for the vampires looks bright, not in a good way, as in a say hello to the sun kind of way.

We also get to meet Sookie and Jason’s fairy godfather Niall, played by legendary Dutch actor Rutger Hauer. I’m pleased he made it into the show as I really liked his character in the books. The series is so far from the books now, that it’s quite nice for them to give a little nod to acknowledge the books and remind us that they haven’t forgotten about the show’s heritage.

Rob Kazinsky True BloodThe show but another new cast member is in the show and I’m proud to say its another Brit. Rob Kazinsky is of Eastenders fame. He bravely left Eastenders in 2009 when he was at the height of his popularity to fly across the pond to crack Hollywood. He’s popped up in Brothers and Sisters (just before it was cancelled) and also had a small part in Law and Order: Los Angeles. But luckily for him he now has a reoccurring role in True Blood, as well as a spot in the upcoming film Pacific Rim.

According to Rob, he is apparently naked through the entire season six of True Blood…he wasn’t in episode two, but based on the shows history of the cast pretty much being naked all of the time it doesn’t surprise me that his turn will appear soon.

What do you think of the new season so far?


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