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Warning for Authors
Space Telescope Kickstarter

Via Lawrence Santoro on Facebook we are informed that editor Tony Giangregorio is back.  Please read Lawrence’s blog post (which contains quite a bit of appropriate reference material) before considering submitting to certain markets.


arkydYesterday, Planetary Resources, the company that plans to harvest asteroids, hosted a livestreamed webcast to announce their current Kickstarter campaign for a crowdfunded Space Telescope.  The live feed suffered through out from numerous technical difficulties (Brent Spiner of Star Trek: TNG fame appeared as a celebrity backer and was heard to remark at one point that “I don’t do appearances for less than a thousand” when he was informed that the feed had only 6 or 7 hundred viewers), but the passion, enthusiasm and coolness factor still managed to find its way through.

The ARKYD space telescope will use initial phases of the technology being developed by Planetary Resources and imaging time will be made available for educational and private applications.  Planetary Resources sees “hands-on” projects like this one as a necessary component of revitalizing the public’s interest in space.

On behalf of Amazing Stories I personally backed the project to the tune of $25.00;  I get a “space selfie” – an image I supply is combined with an image taken by the space telescope – as a thank you.  I’ll be sending them some kind of commemorative image of Amazing Stories and will obviously be publishing that here, sometime in 2014/2015.

Higher levels of contribution will gain the contributor the right to actually target the scope for specific images.

Check it out and think about contributing.

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