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Music videos are a strange amalgamation of variant creative forces merging together, all too often used to further market or popularize a song with flamboyant budgets, unnecessary celebrity appearances and overall lame concepts.  For every one or two interesting music video(s), there are dozens of poorly-executed, thematically dull, 5-minute snippets not really worth the audience’s time.  When I come across a music video that is truly wonderful, it’s a thrill.  I adore the micro-narratives encapsulated in pulsating little worlds – the often fantastic visuals interweaving with the music of choice.  Great music videos remind me that creativity is not truly hindered by constrains (such as time and sound), but can flourish.  Here are some animated music videos I believe to be worth your time.


Easy by Mat-Zo & Porter Robinson

Future-city dwelling idol travels with her awesome companion to a simpler time.





Teenagers sneak into a pool after-hours to discover something ancient waiting.



Got Me A Beard by The Beards

A man with shunned for having a beard returns as a revolutionary.



Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Musically talented aliens are kidnapped and brainwashed to perform on Earth.

Part of Interstella 5555, a full move set to Daft Punk’s Discovery album.



The Audreys – Sometimes the Stars

A young girl seeks companionship in a misty world of strangers.



Handsome Kenya – Sing In My Own Way

A young man lives different versions of a day, each stranger than the last.



The Pillows – 1989

A lonely astronaut tries his very best to understand an alien race.



Goldfish – We Come Together

Game references and various animation styles abound in this tale of rescue.



Blockhead – The Music Scene

Bizarre colors bring to life a long-forgotten world, eager to entertain.



Architecture in Helsinki – Do the Whirwhild

All kinds of creatures collaborate to form the world’s most diverse supergroup.



The Shins – The Rifle’s Sprial

Magicians battling magician-style.  What more can you ask for?

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