Video: Cory Doctorow in Concord NH


Cory Doctorow made a stop at Gibson’s Bookstore (oldest book store in NH) yesterday, Sunday February 24th.  Amazing Stories was there to tape the event, one stop of a 24 city tour promoting Cory’s latest NY Times Bestseller – Homeland – the sequel to Little Brother.

Cory took the opportunity to discuss a number of privacy and rights issues (topics at the heart of both Little Brother and Homeland) and stressed the need for everyone’s personal involvement in helping to create the kind of future society we all want to live in.  Cory also took the time to weave Aaron Swartz’s story (Founder of Demand Progress who recently committed suicide while under threats from Federal Prosecutors to accept a plea bargain) into his narrative;  Aaron contributed in no small way to the writing of Homeland.

Cory was well-received by a surprisingly large crowd (especially considering the weather);  Michael Hermann, Gibson’s owner, was also pleased with the event and now has a number of signed Doctorow novels on hand.  During his introduction, Michael made a point that Cory’s efforts have made him a hero to both independent book stores and to libraries.

The following video was taped at Gibson’s on February 24th.  It runs approximately an hour, contains Cory’s talk and a short Q&A period.




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