Horrorcast: The Drabblecast

drabblecast If you love to start your day with photos of catacombs and bone chandeliers, or listen to ectoplasmic psychodramas while doing your grocery shopping, then quality genre-related newsfeeds that bring you the best art, fiction, news and reviews are an essential part of your life.

We’ll be doing plenty of that, here at Amazing Stories, but there’s tons of people out there already doing amazing work, and we’ll show you that, as well. These Horrorcasts will showcase some of our favourite places on the internet, that are frequently updated, just begging to belch surreal psychosis into your daily life – probably more than you can handle.

For this maiden voyage I present, for your consideration, The Drabblecast. The Dribblecast is a weekly podcast, going strong since 2007, that features a motley of SF, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy and Romance, all under the umbrella term, ‘Speculative Fiction’. “Strange Stories, By Strange Authors, For Strange Listeners,” their tagline claims. The Drabblecast is a paid-market for writers, and encourages unpublished authors to submit. On top of this, every episode gets its own cover art, submitted by readers, that get a byline at the end of the episode. All-in-all they’re a huge boon to the creative underground, and that leads to a fertile artistic community. The production is a bit bare-bones, with real-sounding people reading the stories with the briefest hint of atmospheric music. Its nothing too fancy; the focus is on the words.


art by adam s doyle

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Short fiction and Horror go together like tea and jam. The format allows subtlety, atmosphere, and abstraction. It pushes the reader’s mind into dark space. During the 20th-century, magazines like Amazing Stories and Weird Tales, and the whole of pulp fandom, pulled genre-fiction in the most bizarre directions. Podcasts and homemade websites are the modern equivalent of the fanzine. One of the greatest strengths of the internet is our ability to link up with one another; to show, rather than tell. News spreads instantly, and ideas mutate indiscriminately.

cover for Drabblecast 265, by Caroline Parkinson

We are living in Lovecraft’s Dreamworld, and it is up to us to take advantage of what’s out there, to find the good stuff and support it. We’ll continue to dig up the choicest cuts for you, and serve them bloody.


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