Amazing News: January 6 2013

David Langford’s esteemed Ansible is out with it’s 2013 January issue.  Every fan ought to read it here.

Voting for nominations for the Hugo Awards 2013 short list are now open.  You can learn all about the process here.

Brian J. Clarke wins this year’s A. E. van Vogt Award that comes with a nice check. SFSite has the news.

Mike Resnick & Arc Manor Publishing announce the impending arrival of a new online, bi-monthly magazine – Galaxy’s Edge.  Columns feature, among others, our own Barry Malzberg.  (The title art suggests that someone really, really. really wanted to bring Galaxy itself back.)  Check it out here.

Amazing Stories continues with a successful beta test (lots of things to fix have been found) and it won’t be too long before it opens up to the general public.  2013 looks like it may become one of Lester Del Rey’s oft-discussed “boom years”.  Let’s hope!

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