AMAZING NEWS: 4/4/2021

PRESS RELEASE FOR A PRESS RELEASE:  Amazing Stories will be releasing a press statement on Wednesday, April 7th that will be of import to all involved with the magazine, the website and its various related projects.  The release will be published here and throughout a variety of outlets.

Last Starfighters “Sizzle” reel

RIP Gylnn S Lunney – NASA Flight Director During Apollo 13

VCon returns

On the content of old movies

Ingenuity Test Flight Scheduled

Fantastic Art Sale Catalog.  Download catalog offerings through today

New Release: Cast Adrift

When RAH Paid it Forward to Ted Sturgeon

SAC Tweets Cryptic Message

Tom Tomorrow takes a different take on gun control

The Return of Sunpot (kinda)

The UAE’s Mars Mission

60 Minutes Goes to Boston Dynamics

Using ANDROID?  Read this warning

Two Thumbs talk Star Wars

Self-replicating artificial cells

VanderMeer & Duchovny do a book tour together

SpaceX Test Go Boom!

Costume Pics from the 24th Worldcon

Aurealis Award Nominees

Virgin Galactic unveils VSS Imagine

Beware the Fake Book Acquirers

Ansible for April 2021 (includes new book release)

New Release!  Horror for the Throne – one sit reads, edited by Tom Easton, Judith K. Dial and James D. Macdonald

Here’s something in my wheelhouse:  The Fireball Fleet!  We are all intimately familiar with Fireball XL5 and its dashing, fearless commander Steve Davidson Zodiac, but what about the other ships and their crews?  There are a lot more than you are probably aware (the World Space Patrol’s fleet could give Starfleet a run for its money).

Virtual Reality Gamine Comes to the Home with this immersive device

Tests reveal – the Emdrive does not drive

Expanded edition of A Lit Fuse, the Ellison biography, now available from NESFA Press

Sirois Blogs

A Draft script for Heinlein’s The Puppet Masters film is up for grabs

Animation:  A “super-sized” Orion spacecraft takes off

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