Weekly Streamer Report from JustWatch

Genre penetration of the entertainment airwaves remains at 30% across the board, according to the latest reporting from JustWatch!

JustWatch’s streaming report for the past week reveals –

a 30% genre infiltration of the top ten streaming television shows with the just concluded season of The Boys coming in at 5th place, closely followed by newly released Moonhaven and joined by the latest season of Westworld.

Film wise, genre takes the top two slots

with a surprising return of Independence Day (2nd place) – most likely owing to latent patriotism – and starting out with the blockbuster hit Everything Everywhere All At Once (1st).  Joined by the latest Spider-Man – No Way Home in 4th place and mirroring television’s 30% share.

Come on, genre shows.  Ii wasn’t that long ago that genre was topping out at 6, 60, even 80 percent dominance of the entertainment airwaves.

How is science fiction going to take over the world if its media fare can’t reliably indoctrinate the next generation?

(Hmmm.  Maybe they’ll make a show about THAT!)


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