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Military update, support update and how you can help

Numerous companies have suspended or shut down their operations/business with Russia in support of Ukraine and in protest of Russia’s actions, and we thank them.

Among the Western-based companies not doing so is the mega-corp known as Nestle.  It’s CEO recently stated that his company will not be stopping their Russian –  based operations.

The graphic below illustrates all of the brands owned or at least partially controlled by Nestle.  Looks like no Stouffers frozen dinners for me any more.

Give some strong thought to not purchasing any of these products or services and maybe letting Nestle know what they can do with their Gobstopper.

In news closer to home:  our traffic has dropped pretty much with the beginning of our Ukraine support and coverage announcement.  Not surprisingly, the number one country blocked by our security systems is Russia.  Equally unsurprising, the majority of illegitimate log in attempts originate in Russia.

We’re certainly not a major outlet, but someone over in Russia thought we’re significant enough to at least sic a bot on us.

Nice to know we’re having some effect (however insignificant it might be).

Also:  Military analysts are pretty unified in their assessments that the immediate threat of an imminent takeover of Kyiv/Ukraine itself has passed and that operations will now transition to Russian attempts to lay siege to major cities and to devastate the civilian population with indiscriminate bombing and shelling (actually, its not indiscriminate – it’s deliberate targeting of civilians and civil institutions like hospitals and civic centers).

Don’t forget that you can make donations of both cash and supplies through an Amazon Wish List program you can learn more about here.

Note:  Our featured image translates to “Glory to Ukraine”, the patriotic expression being used by Ukraine’s President and on aide packages being sent to the country.

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