The Tale of the Man Who Was Too Lazy To Fail

Was RAH’s allegory about indolence and sloth? No, it was not. However, this week’s editorial might be.

(Apologies to Robert H. Heinlein)

For today’s weekly editorial subject I have chose to take a look at one of the “tales” that Lazarus Long (Senior of the Howard Families) relates in his (auto)biography, Time Enough For Love.

First, however, lets examine that title.

Is this “tale” really a tale?  I think anyone who has read it will agree that it is not so much a “tale” as it is an allegory.  But titling it The Allegory of the Man Who…” does not have the same ring or flow.

Rather than argue this contention, I shall simply remove it from the title:  The Tale of the Man Who Was Too Lazy To Fail.

And obviously at this point we need to capitalize the remainder so The Man Who Was Too Lazy To Fail.

Now about that last part.  The story related very clearly illustrates that the character in question never failed.  In fact, went on to great success by a variety of measures.

I really think that last part needs to be excised as well.  Leaving us with:

The Man Who Was Too Lazy

Which is actually a far more fitting title for this week’s (lack of) editorial.

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