UFOs and Aliens

I guess what I’m saying is, extraordinary claims don’t really require extraordinary evidence; they just require good, scientific evidence. The same kind that proved the Earth wasn’t flat and F = MA.

Science Fiction and UFOs

I remember when I joined the Science Fiction Book Club back in 1963, one of the selections was Donald Keyhoe’s bestseller UFOs Are Real. I bought it and The Man in the High Castle and I, Robot. I still have the SFBC copies of the latter two, but ditched the first book quickly. I’ve often […]

The Art of the Shaver Mystery

The Shaver Mystery is part of the history of Amazing Stories Magazine, but it is certainly not considered one of the magazine’s shining moments. Barry Malzberg touched on it briefly in his first blog post here. In a nutshell, the Shaver Mystery was the “UFO phenomenon” before the actual UFO phenomenon. In 1943 Richard Sharp […]