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Review: Gestapo Mars by Victor Gischler

Gestapo Mars by Victor Gischler is the quintessential example of a guilty pleasure. You might feel a little guilty afterwards, but you’ll be anxiously awaiting a sequel.

Review: An English Ghost Story by Kim Newman

Filled with mystery and chilling suspense, Kim Newman brings ghosts to life in his soon to be released An English Ghost Story.

The Artful Collector: Where Are They Now? Spotlight on Artist...

Where's Fred Gambino? Premiering a new art book at this year's Worldcon!

Re-reading Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3

Titan Books brings us the movie novelizations of all three books written by Alan Dean Foster in the original Alien saga. This powerful trio exemplifies why Foster is the master of movie novels.

Review: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

Just in time for the holidays, the Star Trek fan on your shopping list will find Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years by David A. Goodman a pleasant addition to their personal library. The book is a documentation of the background and rich history of the United Federation of Planets and the characters that made it come to life.

Review: Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2 by Gallery 1988

Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2 by Gallery 1988 is a 176 page walk through the tremendous artwork one would find while walking through the annual display conceived by Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith called Crazy 4 Cult.

Pacific Rim Novelization by Alex Irvine

The novelization of Pacific Rim by Alex Irvine is more than just a book based on a movie. This is a book that stands alone by allowing fans to appreciate the literary value not always expressed through film.

Book Review: Lord of the Trees and The Mad Goblin by...

Lord of the Trees by Philip José Farmer Titan Books - Reprint 2012 ISBN-13: 978-1781162934 (Trade paperback) The Mad Goblin by Philip José Farmer Titan Books - Reprint...

Review: Man of Steel Novelization by Greg Cox

The novelization of Man of Steel by Greg Cox is a book looking for an identity. The obligation to remain loyal to a script while remaining faithful to the character is an improbable task - one reader’s must realize if they are to accept the work.

Book Review: The Wind Whales of Ishmael – Philip José Farmer

I have two purposes for this review. One is to call your attention to a novel that older readers have probably already read, The...