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Cover Launch: AUBERON – an Expanse novella by James S. A....

More Expanse! What's not to like?


This week Steve gives his personal opinion about TV SF/F. What does he watch and why? See if you watch the same things!

Computer Generated Images and the Eye of the Beholder: Part 1

In the dance of the ever-improving computer image, our own perceptions are a willing partner.
Daniel Abraham

Interview with Bestselling Author Daniel Abraham (James S.A. Corey and M.L.N....

Today we are joined by bestselling and award-winning author Daniel Abraham. Daniel publishes science fiction as one half of the two-headed giant, James S.A....

My top 10 SF and fantasy picks for the big-screen treatment

Science fiction and fantasy are taking over the realm of the Hollywood summer blockbuster, no question about it. Marvel Studios is gearing up to...