The Alien Critic

How American Airlines Helped Me Gafiate

Gafiate, for those whose Fannish Lexicon isn’t handy, is Fan Speak for the act of ‘Getting Away From It All’.  Leaving Fandom.  Putting conventions and fanzines and crazy projects and far-flung friends behind you.  It can be a liberating thing but it is always a sad thing. Thirty five years ago I didn’t yet know […]

Amazing News, Saturday, March 2, 2013

Richard E. Geis, the “Alien Critic” died February 4th.  Richard Geis’s fanzines – Science Fiction Review and The Alien Critic were among the first fanzines I subscribed to and avidly sought back issues to.  In a large way, one could say that Mr. Geis helped start me on my fannish career.  He and his publications […]