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Steve is not a big fan of the movie Aquaman. In fact, he’s not even a little fan of Aquaman; he thinks the movie s(t)inks!

Computer Generated Images and the Eye of the Beholder Part 4

M. D. Jackson's final installment on the history of visual effects in cinema takes us from the CGI revolution of Jurassic Park to the present.

Computer Generated Images and the Eye of the Beholder: Part 3

In the third part of his history of computer generated imagery, M. D. Jackson takes us from The Last Starfighter to Terminator 2, with a side trip to the Italian renaissance.

BUTTON, BUTTON—Who’s Got the button? 

Steve collects movie memorabilia at cons. Do you?
Jurassic Park logo

Jurassic Park is 20 – What Went Wrong?

Jurassic Park opened in the UK 20 years ago this month. A 3D conversion was foisted upon an indifferent a few months ago. Universal...