Asni’s Art Blog: The Doctor’s Companions

Where would the Doctor be without his Companions. That’s Companion with a capital C. There have been even more companions, than there have been incarnations of the Doctor, but as far as fan art goes, Rose Tyler, Amy Pond and Jack Harkness are clearly in the lead.

Great TV Series Are Like Buses … Two Come Along at Once

This weekend has been all about TV; on Saturday night we had the return of the Doctor but also the high fantasy epic Game of Thrones. I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to two hours of awesome television. The return of the Last of the Time Lords is always fun, particularly with […]

Who’s the Boss When It Comes to British Stamps

While we still don’t know who will grace the U.S. postage stamps saluting science fiction authors this year, we do know Who — The Doctor, that is — will appear on a set of British stamps that will be issued March 26. In honor of the “Doctor Who” TV show’s 50th anniversary on BBC, the […]

It’s Getting Crowded In Here

Who decides what makes a good book? How does an editor know what readers will want? A writer’s friends and family might thrill at every new story but it still has to impress an agent, editor, publisher, reviewer and reader before it’s considered successful. Popular genres can fluctuate and morph, so that by the time […]