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Scide Splitters: Working Stiff by Kevin J. Anderson

Scide Splitters reviews seven fun filled cases from the files of Dan Shamble, Zombie Private Investigator.

Santa Claus is an Alien

Well, he did seem to get along with those Martian kids pretty well....

Asni’s Art Blog: Happy 25 December!

Astrid gathers together a wide ranging and truly eye-opening collection of artistic expressions of Christmas - pensive, acerbic, ironic, humorous and haunting.

Book Review: Naughty & Nice by Kevin J. Anderson

Tis the season to enjoy the holidays the way fans of zombie stories should – with a nice (and a little bit naughty) compact tale. Naughty and Nice (Dan Shamble, Zombie PI Mini) by Kevin J. Anderson is the perfect stocking (or e-reader) stuffer for that special undead person in your life.