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Shadowrun 20th Anniversary vs. 5th Edition

What makes for a good RPG edition? Organization. Editing and - SUPPLEMENTS!

AMAZING THINGS You Should Know: Marc Miller Wants to Make a...

Traveller, the epic space RPG, is going to make a TV pilot.

Do You Game?

One way of “forcing” oneself to write is to join an online text-based role-playing game (RPG). In a text-based game, people assume a character within the framework of a particular universe and write stories with other characters in different settings according to various plots.

The Geek Test: What’s Your Score?

I believe people of all types should be able to join in geek events and have fun whether they're sufficiently geek credentialed or not, but I wondered how one might one go about quantitatively evaluating "geekiness"

Genre vs. Literary: The SFF Experience

SFF fans are some of the friendliest and smartest people I know. I don’t know how literary writers and fans interact across various platforms.

Howling Dogs and Gaming on the Fringes

Mainstream video games—the kinds that have massive advertising campaigns—have codified our genres.  They've done this much like film has.  There are superhero movies and...